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Hope. Have you ever thought about how it’s played a role in your life? To see the bigger picture, it’s important to know what it is. What is Hope? When you look up it’s definition, you’re likely to find it defined as a feeling, or a belief, or an attitude.  A couple of dictionary sites … Continue reading Hope

What is love

The Power of Love

Before you can understand the power of love in getting what you want in life, you really need to know... What is Love? Many would agree that love is a force of nature. And most might also agree, that depending on the context, it might just be the most powerful force of nature that exists. … Continue reading The Power of Love

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Toxic People

Avoid Toxic People and discover a more positive Life I really dislike the term "toxic people."   Calling other people toxic is just negative.  Yet, people who on the one hand can be loving, compassionate, and fun can lean towards behaviors that are incompatible with others trying to surround themselves with the best life has to … Continue reading Toxic People

Positive Affirmations Can Make a Difference

Positive Affirmations

What are positive affirmations?  Do they really help? Most of us who are familiar with the all-time great motivational speakers have heard of positive affirmations. But do they really work in helping us to lead a life that is fulfilling? To start with, let’s take a look at what the word “affirmation” means. The site … Continue reading Positive Affirmations

Positive thinking

Mind Reprogramming with Conscious Positive Thinking

We want positive events and circumstances in our lives. So why is it that we don’t always get them? The Power of Thought Our minds are computers which we have programmed. Sometimes our programming is deliberate, but most often, we’ve programmed our minds through our thought patterns -- those streams of conversation that take place … Continue reading Mind Reprogramming with Conscious Positive Thinking