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Happiness: It’s a Choice

It's hard to image ourselves in moments when we've been most upset, most angry, or most discouraged that we actually could have made ourselves happy at the time. Let's face it.  Life happens with us, around us, and sometimes to us and the only person we control in all of that is our own self. … Continue reading Happiness: It’s a Choice

What is love

The Power of Love

Before you can understand the power of love in getting what you want in life, you really need to know... What is Love? Many would agree that love is a force of nature. And most might also agree, that depending on the context, it might just be the most powerful force of nature that exists. … Continue reading The Power of Love

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Toxic People

Avoid Toxic People and discover a more positive Life I really dislike the term "toxic people."   Calling other people toxic is just negative.  Yet, people who on the one hand can be loving, compassionate, and fun can lean towards behaviors that are incompatible with others trying to surround themselves with the best life has to … Continue reading Toxic People


Happiness: What is it and how do you find it?

If you try to define it, what is happiness to you? Throughout centuries, people have spent their entire lives looking for it; some find it, and some don’t. While people define it differently, my definition is an encompassing feeling of peace, fulfillment and joy. However it’s defined, one thing’s for sure: finding happiness is an … Continue reading Happiness: What is it and how do you find it?