Hi!  So, you want to know about my story?  Well, here’s a quick look.

I grew up in a family of achievers.  My brother’s mantra was, “be a collector of things you do well.”  Everyone was good at something, and worked hard at being the best they could at whatever their focus was.

Growing up, I was a student-athlete and ended up with good enough grades and an athletic performance that got me a scholarship to college.

I played an individual sport, and at some point,  was introduced to a book, “What You Say When You Talk to Your Self.” by Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D.  It began to really shape the way I thought about everything, particularly as it related to athletic performance.

I was amazed at how little time was spent preparing athletes to get into the right “head space” for their competitions.  While my own team did do a little work with visualizing, almost no time and resources were spent educating the athletes about crucial preparation for competition in the areas outside of the sports arena I call “impactful intake”, (what you take in and use to benefit your performance, such as nutrition and information that shapes the mind.)  Now, the better coaches and athletes are distinctly aware of the importance of mind preparation, not just before races, but constantly.  Yet, many still don’t understand the power that belief and what you say when you talk to yourself has in the sports arena.

Moving forward, I graduated, worked in several different capacities over the next few years, and shelved a lot of what I had so devoured as an athlete in the way of manifesting through thought.  My family suffered a series of bad circumstances: one of my children was diagnosed with a life-altering disease, we had family in financial turmoil… and more of what I called, “a flurry of bad.”

And then, one night, during my prayers, I realized that I HAD to return to a conscious redirecting of my thoughts.  I went back to all of the masters that had taught me so much years earlier.  I dug out my old tapes (do you remember or even know what a tape is?)  and began the process of changing my future. And I have no doubt that’s what altered my path and enabled me to experience the flurry of good that was waiting for me. I spent the next decade reading everything I could on conscious manifesting.  Every chance I got, I listened to information about how the mind works from anyone who had an interesting perspective. I attended live events.  And I practiced.  I even began making my own positive affirmation recordings and subliminal suggestion recordings.  Initially, they were for me, but eventually I began to share them with my colleagues, and others.

You see, I believe with everything that I am that we are magnetic beings with amazing computers as minds.  We feed our computers thoughts, and then they go about writing our next chapters by attracting what we think about most… good or bad.

So, where are your thoughts?  Do you even realize what you think about?  For many, it’s just a constant background chatter in their heads, but if you really want to get the most out of your experience here on earth, you’ll spend some time to learn the art of harnessing the power of your thoughts.

Do you want to start a new, good habit?  Do you want to kick a bad habit to the curb?  Are you wanting more prosperity, more fulfilling relationships, more success, more “flurry of good?”  What do you want your future to look like?  Attract the future you want, not what just happens to flow to you through other forces.

Here’s to making your future everything that it can and should be.