Happiness: It’s a Choice

It’s hard to image ourselves in moments when we’ve been most upset, most angry, or most discouraged that we actually could have made ourselves happy at the time. Let’s face it.  Life happens with us, around us, and sometimes to us and the only person we control in all of that is our own self.  BUT… in our own existence, that is all that matters as it pertains to our own happiness.  No one controls our ability to be happy but ourselves. Wired for Joy Self Hypnosis Ad Now, there are many factors that can have an effect on our state if mind if we let them.  I picture them as forces that try to tug on us from different directions trying to pull us off-center, and truly, they don’t try to do anything.  We just can find ourselves giving them attention — giving them negative energy through worry, envy, or other negative thoughts.    They usually fall into one of these categories that make up our collective health: It makes sense that if your relationship with your significant other isn’t going well, it could be a happiness sucker, right?  The same would be for someone who’s been pining to be noticed by a special someone who doesn’t feel the same in return.  If your health is suffering, it’s quite hard to be happy. The point here is that we all have control over how we think about our circumstances. It can be hard, yes.  But we DO have the ability to control our perception and our internal dialogue.


Our attitude is something that many of us just haven’t thought much about.  Our emotions come and go, but we often don’t consciously think about them.  If we did make a conscious effort to study what we’re doing, we’d be able to change them. Acknowledging that we have a choice in how we allow our internal dialogue to take place is the first step in changing that head-speak and then changing our emotions that follow. Most have heard many times, “Attitude is everything.”  Well, it may not be everything, but it sure can change the way outcomes eventually unfold, and ultimately our level of happiness our circumstances. Few people in present-day have talked to more people and truly tried to uncover the root of happiness more than Oprah Winfrey. According to a writer for Harper Bazaar, Oprah has had something very reflective to say about happiness.  When interviewed by Vogue, Oprah said, “I live in a very beautiful space that I created, and every time I leave home and I’m driving out the back with the pond and the ducks, and I’m looking at the grass and I see the house on the hill, I have this moment where I think about when Dorothy says in The Wizard of Oz, ‘I learnt I didn’t have to look further than my own backyard.’ Every time I think of that.” Now, we all don’t have the same existence that Oprah has, but we all have the same ability to exercise that same power of choice in how we view things.  So, let me part with this.  There’s happiness, and there’s unhappiness. Choose.

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