Hope Tiles

Hope. Have you ever thought about how it’s played a role in your life?

To see the bigger picture, it’s important to know what it is.

What is Hope?

When you look up it’s definition, you’re likely to find it defined as a feeling,

or a belief, or an attitude.  A couple of dictionary sites define it as a wishing or a strong desire for future events or circumstances that either affect one’s own life, or aspects of the world.

Seedling of Hope

Some say hope is just dreaming. Some say it’s a mirage that we try to hold onto when we want a different future or more of the same positive circumstances in the future. But, what’s the alternative? Without even knowing you, I’d venture to say that you and I would probably both much prefer hope to hopelessness.

And a better question might be: if we hope with strong emotion and exacting vision, is it possible for our own energy to help manifest what we hope for? (No, we can’t hope to change the sky green or other impossible feats, but within the realm of reason, could strong hope change the future?)

What is Hope to me? Based on my own life and what those close to me have experienced,

Hope is:

  • Beams of sunshine coming through the window in the morning
  • The belief that life doesn’t end when the physical form dies
  • Knowing that there could be an end to pain
  • Knowing that there could be a cure
  • A job offer
  • A raise
  • Improved health
  • The starting line… or the finish line in sight
  • Clean water
  • The promise that children will have it better off than their parents
  • New medicines
  • A sunset… and then a sunrise
  • Laughter
  • Saved hostages
  • Saved sins
  • The words, “It’s treatable”
  • A dog’s wagging tail
  • A wish to win
  • A wish not to lose
  • Rainbows
  • Peaceful sleep
  • A wish for safety
  • An intervention
  • A day without violence
  • A desire that they love you back

The list can go on, but one thing’s for certain. Life would be drastically different and clearly much worse without the existence of hope.

What does hope mean to you?

One thought on “Hope

  1. Hope to me is;

    • Everlasting love
    • Well fulfilled life
    • Fulfilling God’s plan
    • My dog making it past the normal life expectancy
    • Traveling the globe
    • Providing for the world’s less fortunate
    • Being able to see my future children blossom


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